1995: Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian) checks out new vinyl at Beat Street, New York. Plastic by Keith Murray, Mobb Deep, Scarface, ODB and Above The Law goes straight into his shopping cart


NSO Force from the UK released their 12Inch Here We Go in 1994 on China Records, here’s the video to that track with the beautiful line¬† “I swing full impact like Boris Becker“…

So, after the video for Ultimate Damage here’s a First Down live performance from 1995 on German HipHop show Freestyle. This programme always had an eye/ear for dope UK Rapand Britcore, which was thoroughly neglected in the media back then (at least over here).

In 1994, Kaliphz, hailing from Rochdale, England released their 12Inch Vibe Da Joint. 2 years later they would land a hit with the track Golden Brown, released under the name Kaleef. For more info on them click here.

Here’s another tune from the island: the Mighty Ethnicz (MC Flex and Sir Drew among others) from West-London with Can I Get A Deal. The 12 inch dropped in 1993 on Lowdown Records.

Granted, I’m in no way considering myself to be an expert for Britcore music. But as a HipHop head back in the days in Germany, you couldn’t get past some of the bigger names. I’m talking about Hijack, Killa Instinct and Gunshot in the UK as well as No Remorze and Readykill in Germany – loud, hard and fast music paired with radical lyrics. The only single which I own from that genre is Mind of a Razor by Gunshot (1992). My neighbors were able to sing along two days after I bought it. I digged out the video for all the Britcore-heads out there, turn up the volume and enjoy!

When talking about the Mystik Journeymen, another name is surely gonna drop: that of legendary westcoast underground pioneers Living Legends. In the beginning of the 1990s, the Mystik Journeymen, consisting of Sunspot Jonz (known back then as BFAP) and Luckyiam aka PSC, appeared on the scene. Beyond major label politics, tapes were sold from the trunk and battle sessions were organized. Independent as Fuck as Company Flow would have put it. Together with  Murs, Scarub, The Grouch and Eligh they laid out the foundation for the Legends.

In the mid-90s the Journeymen toured in Europe, pretty remarkable since they were an independent HipHop-act and considering that some multi-million-dollar artist still haven’t graced the old continent with a visit.

During their stay in Germany they paid a visit to VIVA Freestyle in Cologne. Enjoy!


Live performance: